Do What’s Best for Your Child

Do What’s Best for Your Child

Talk to a child support attorney in Mt Clemens, MI

During a child support negotiation, things can get heated. Everyone wants what’s best for the child. As an experienced family law attorney in Mt Clemens, MI, John P. Frazer III can help you settle a child support negotiation. Call his office today to schedule an appointment.

How is child support decided?

Child support is a court-ordered regular payment made by a noncustodial divorced parent to the other parent to support a child. A child support agreement is determined by a number of factors. A judge will look at:

  • Each parent's income
  • Time spent with the child
  • Number of children involved
  • Income of each parent
  • Cost of health insurance

It’s important to ensure that the child gets the emotional and financial support they need. Retain a child support attorney today if you need to reach a child support agreement in Mt Clemens, MI. Attorney Frazer will work tirelessly during the course of your case to make sure that your child’s needs are met.