Need to Establish Paternity?

Need to Establish Paternity?

Talk to a family law attorney in Mt Clemens, MI

Going through a paternity case can be complicated and emotional. Ordering a DNA test is the easiest ways to settle questions about parental rights. John P. Frazer III is a trusted family law attorney in Mt Clemens, MI. If you would like to establish paternity today, please call today.

Why would you need a paternity test?

Paternity is a significant factor in many family law cases. Here are three reasons why people typically take a paternity test:

  1. You’re filing for full custody of a child.
  2. You’re disputing a child support claim.
  3. You’re not married, but you need to establish parental rights.

Get in touch with John P. Frazer III today to speak with a family law attorney about establishing paternity in Mt Clemens, MI. Attorney Frazer can answer all of your questions about paternity and parental rights.